What we request of you: 

We would like each of you to volunteer for at least one of the below:

We need help setting up and breaking down (hopefully just the camp and not emotionally). This is the most nervous making of all the tasks. Especially the breaking down part (which includes dissambling the kitchen, the shade structures, the evap pond and shower, the wardrobe tent, and disassembling the pods and packing them into the storage trailer in an organized fashion with minimal damage, and moop sweep.)

We will need to make at least two ice runs, possibly more, we'll see.

Someone to help me clean out the RV and kitchen trailer in Reno and transport them to their year round hibernating spot.

Oh and the toilet tanks will likely need to be emptied at least once into the giant black water tank attached to the bottom of the kitchen truck. It's not nearly as unpleasant as it sounds and we've got multiple pairs of giant industrial strength gloves for the procedure.

If the mood strikes we'd love if someone planned and orchestrated a camp meal or two. 

Assistance in prepping/serving The Salad Bar at the End Of The Universe, preferably while drunk on a nice Rose'.

Minor (hopefully) maintenance of stuff that breaks...it will probably happen, we'll need to deal with it.

In addition,  everyone will need to be considerate of their fellow gardeners  and clean up after themselves. This means putting your stuff away and not leaving it in the public area, being very aware if you're mooping in the camp, and doing the dishes.

I'm assuming that we will all pull together as a team to take care of stuff as it comes up, and everyone will pull their weight in an as needed basis.

Also, cleaning up after your guests.