what we offer:

3 housing pods available on first come first served basis with lighting, mattresses, and battery powered swamp coolers for comfort.

-shaded space for your tent if you're not in a pod

-hot shower structure with evap pond

-semi-private flushable toilets- currently have 3 for the camp (these are awesome battery operated flushable toilets that do not smell at all- I personally tested one out for a week, i love it)

-full service propane powered kitchen including giant fridge, stove, oven, outdoor grill, coffee maker (french press) hot water dishwashing

-food service

-water service

-two separate shade structures with assorted comfy furniture beneath them

-secure storage area in the kitchen truck for securing valuables

-recharging station for your phones(?)

-Giant coolers of ice

-wardrobe tent with three way mirror for making yourself look magnificent for the sunrise sets

a spare bike or two 

I think we have a spare tent from last year, pretty small, for sleeping or privacy only, ask about it if interested


We strive to be functional and clean and to keep you relatively stress free and happy for your BM experience. We would love the focus to be on experience and creativity and a sense of community within and outside of the camp, not on excessive creature comforts.

More about the food situation:

There is the option of communal food, which means SGBMF provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner ingredients along with snacks. The food will be available freely to everyone in the camp though certain foods will be marked as being saved for a big meal prep. A big meal is when someone cooks a dinner big enough for the whole camp. We ask that you respect this. Also, individuals may mark food they brought separately as theirs in an attempt to preserve it for their own use only. I make no guarantees against marauding bands of rollers post sunrise sets.

 SGBMF would prefer that we all shared the same food and water and alcohol and split the cost (This would also mean being conscientious of your and your guests' usage of these things in consideration of your fellow strange gardeners. Feel free to indulge but don't deprive others). We are flexible on this, but we think the logistics of everyone having their own stuff gets tricky. 

Alcohol cost splitting is optional for those who prefer a more sober burn.