We think the word "enabling" has got a bum rap. We would like to throw a few positive connotations it's way.

We are an enabling camp. We want to enable people to create amazing fantasy structures to reside in at burning man. We want to enable people to experience burning man with a minimum of expense. We want to enable people to make the most of their time at burning man to experience as much as it offers as possible.

With these thoughts in mind, we have no dues. We have shared expenses of food and alcohol, water, and infrastructure expenses (Gas for the kitchen equipment, the trailers to pull the housing pods and shade structures, the generator to recharge the batteries, post BM dumping charges, etc).

It's tough to say exactly how much this will be per person, as it will be calculated on actual paid out expenses, but I'm guessing it will be roughly $10-15 per person per day (it was less than this per person 2013, but we have more stuff this year). I'll do finer calculations as the event draws nearer.

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